Darryl Benner & Karla Anich, Wadsworth  Ohio

“We had a fire in our home. Seville Insurance Agency and Grange Insurance Company treated us fairly and their claims representative delivered outstanding service. They had a very compassionate attitude. We feel very fortunate to have Seville Insurance Agency. They break the image of the cold, uncaring corporation who only thinks of their bottom line. Thanks”

Mike Litman / Litman Electric, Seville Ohio

“I have friends who are in business that jump insurance companies all the time price shopping. They do not realize the relationship that you need to build with your insurance agent and the company. It is a close and secure relationship. With Seville Insurance that is what I have, I don’t worry – I don’t have to!”

Mike Chrisopulos /M & M Drywall Inc, Wadsworth Ohio

“One of the things that Seville Insurance Agency does well is they have focus. It is not about selling insurance, it’s about taking care of the customers. Seville Insurance does just that. Their customers come first. I am happy with Seville Insurance Agency.”

Jennifer & Bill Crowley, Wadsworth Ohio

“I recently referred my friend to Seville Insurance. Thank you for helping her with her home and auto insurance. She said the rates were much lower than  what she was paying with her current agent. She couldn’t say enough about how nice the staff at Seville Insurance were, but I already knew that. I am glad it worked out and they could help my friend. Thanks Seville Insurance!”

Oscar Merrow,  Seville Ohio

“Thank you for keeping me updated. You guys are a very thoughtful agency; you don’t see many of those around these days.”

Connie & Rich Gasser / Gasser Electric, Creston Ohio

“I would like to let you know that I had a very pleasant experience renewing our commercial insurance with the help of Ed Hantzsche, owner of Seville Insurance. He was very knowledgeable and patient in explaining the terms of the policy and steering us in the right direction for our insurance needs. I appreciate all that the agency does for us. Thank you Seville Insurance Staff!”